Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lit Review - Ming Chuan

The shape, material, and size of the wave breaker affect the effectiveness of the wave breaker against tsunamis.

Tsunamis have been one of the major problems all along. Many ideas have been suggested to protect citizens against tsunamis. However, this topic has not been explored deeply, meaning the problem of tsunamis still plague the world.

Interaction of powerful electromagnetic waves with plasma accompanied by wave breaking phenomena and fast electron generation attracts considerable attention at present as a possible way of strong electric field production and further ion acceleration. In the present paper we describe results of model experiment in which propagation and absorption of strong electrostatic wave pulse in inhomogeneous magnetized plasma is studied and substantial electron acceleration effect is observed under conditions, when the wave breaking should occur according to estimations. The termination of these effects due to reflection from the ionization front caused by intensive wave is as well studied.

As you can see, we already have many ways to solve this problem, just that we need to confirm it with further testing before implementation. We are here to help with that.


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V.I Arkhipenko, E.Z Gusakov, V.A.Pisarev, L.V.Simonchik, institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics NASB, Minsk, Belarus Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia - "Dynamics of the Plasma Wave Breaking Phenomen" (17-21 June 2002)

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